Brother’s printer is an industry leading the best printing tool with some unique features. It is important to keep it free from errors or else your crucial investment will ruin in a matter of seconds. So, one must keep their printer free from error by removing the errors which are affecting the performance of your printer.

One of the most common Brother printer issues is paper jam issues which most of the Brother Printer user face. This issue is disastrous for your printer, so you must recover on an immediate basis. Here are the steps to fix of Paper jam issues in your Brother printer, or you can simply dial Brother support phone number.

Some Important Steps To Keep In Mind Before Solving  Brother Printer Paper Jam Issues:

  • Make sure your printer has the proper power supply and isn’t turned off while sending or receiving Fax. If you turn off your printer immediately after sending or receiving a fax, it may cause a paper Likewise with while receiving fax the printer should stay turned on to save the print in its memory.
  • If you need to turn off your printer, make sure there is no job in the queue, as it can promote job stuck issue.
  • Clear your front tray firstly while fixing the paper jam issue and then clean the cartridge holder.
  • Use the finest quality of cartridge filter to remove the jam.
  • Try to pull the paper in the direction of printing to avoid the tearing of paper as it can leave paper leftovers in the tray.
  • Cancel all the printing jobs before clearing the paper jam to undertake.

How You Can Clean The Paper Jam Easily With The Help Of Brother Support Phone Number

Step 1: Make sure your system is shut down while clearing the paper jam on your Brother printer. Now remove the outer cover of your printer and let it cool down for few minutes.

Step 2: Remove the drum unit and toner cartridge refill with great care. Now remove the jammed paper by pulling it out in the direction of printing.

Step 3: Shut down the outer covering of the printer.

Step 4: Remove the paper out of your printer.

Step 5: Now patiently remove the jammed paper by pulling it in the direction of printing.

Step 6: Place the output tray back into its place.

Step 7: Use the tabs from both the sides of the printer to open the fuse cover.

Step 8: Pull out the stuck paper from the fuser unit.

Step 9: Place the fuser cover and back cover back to their original position.

Step 10: Remove the duplex tray from the machine.

Step 11: Clean the duplex tray from any paper leftovers.

Step 12: It is important to clean all trash and leftovers from the printer as it can create static energy and affect the overall printing device.

Step 13: Place back the duplex and paper tray as firmly as you can. But do not apply excessive force on any component.

Step 14: Open the drum unit by pulling the green lock and take out the toner cartridge out of the pace. Remove the jammed paper from the paper trashes. Clear dirt and dust from the unit and close it properly.

Re-arrange And Test The Printer:

Once every component is thoroughly cleaned, you must check whether your printer works normally. If there are any hardware related issues, it is important to recover it first. Make sure the roller or other parts of the printer works normally.  Restart your printer and first test the printer by printing any random page. If the issue still persists, contact Brother support phone number and get in touch with the experts to resolve the paper jam issue . Also, you can get tips to avoid the paper jam issue in future easily.

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